Congratulations on the recent or expected birth of the new baby in your family! When a diagnosis of Down syndrome is received, family members are often confused and unsure how to act around new parents.  Congratulate them!  They just welcomed or are expecting a beautiful new baby.  Be as helpful and supportive as you can.  Learn what you can about Down syndrome.  Love and enjoy that baby just as you would any other.  This new baby is a baby first and will soon amaze you all!

For information:

Down syndrome facts Myths and Truths Healthcare Guidelines What to say and what not to say

For inspiration:

Welcome to Holland A Baby is a Baby First Jimmy Dreams Gifts photo montage Please call (631-533-2864) or email us at if you need to talk.  We would love to hear from you and look forward to meeting the newest addition to your family.

If you know of someone who will be or has given birth to a baby with Down syndrome, please visit to congratulate them with a basket of gifts, support, and resources.